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complex ideas into life experiences, unique class of visual communications

Our goal is to help you meets yours.

Communicate your vision with finesse by transforming complex ideas into innovative, sophisticated and effective turnkey visual solutions that work.

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unlimited, unthinkable reach with unforgettable clarity

Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, Las Vegas, Hawaii or wherever your project is located, our custom solutions will take your project to unthinkable, unexplored markets beyond belief.

In this economy, take advantage of the power of sharing information and explore new opportunities across the globe with inspiring realism.

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effective pre-sales and creative communications

Give substance to the client’s dreams before construction begins and transport your decision-makers beyond the blueprints.

Our detailed, creative and complete marketing solutions will captivate your audience that will differentiate you, your project and us.

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indelible fit for the city and community

Success in the complex city approval process by delivering visualizations that effectively communicate the project's intent to community leaders, city commissioners and ultimately your target audience.

Find lending and overcome real estate constraints by...

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adaptive models, real-time decisions and on-time delivery

Our 3D models, along with the latest techonology allow us to quickly illustrate different schemes, providing an innovative solution to enable split-second decisions; making our visualization adaptive to multiple uses.

Reduce reviews and deliver on time by sharing the same design vision with your project team.

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Impressive scenes and effects from a futuristic aerial shot to entering the yet-to-be-constructed space will offer you the life-like experience this competitive market demands.

Because we are intimately familiar with all aspects of real estate visualization, we have the ability to involve ourselves at any stage of the project development from conception to completion.

Transmit your residence, office, hotel, resort or golf-course developments with unforgettable clarity and achieve the expected results; keeping you at the top of competition.

Attract buyers, tenants and investors locally and globally by creating a sustainable, technology-oriented and life-like 3D experience

Advance the sale of your residential, commercial or government project by excelling in innovation and effectiveness.

ARQ & MEDIA offers a broad range of services with unparalleled interaction including the right mediums of implementation. Let us suggest, organize and deploy all of the elements necessary to enter the market with excellence.

showing the project’s wow-factor that will communicate an indelible, living image of the project’s aesthetic and functional relationship to the community.

Eliminate subjective objections and speed-up approvals avoiding costly delays.

Our 3D visuals have great reception from diverse groups. Most people need a more dynamic visual exposure to fully appreciate the value of your developments as a perfect fit for their lives and the community advancements.

Empower your vision with an exact visual translation of your project from an overview to minute detail, using dedicated and specialized hardware, software and multimedia advances.

Optimize internal resources, time and costs relieving from a complex additional task, reducing the number of reviews and delivering on time.

It's hard to imagine something can look like with only CAD drawings. By visualizing your project in 3D, you can spot logistical mistakes, make changes to styles and colors, and catch a major problem early saving a lot of money before the dirt is moved.

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